Hiring  Tips – KNOW BEFORE

Before hiring ANY contractor or starting on your home renovation project, we encourage every homeowner to do their own research. We’re here to simply make a connection and facilitate communication. Here are some friendly tips we recommend to successfully hire a professional, licensed contractor.


The best way to be successful in any home renovation project is to plan and do your research. Try to get an idea of what industry standards are in terms of process, materials, cost and timelines so you can make a more informed decision in hiring a professional contractor


Get an estimate and make sure to invest the time needed to understand who the contractor is, their company information, their licensing, insurance and the process of how they work. We stress not to RUSH any estimate. Price is not always the biggest decision maker. Make sure you know your contractor can deliver on the project. This is afterall, your home.


LICENSED, BONDED AND INSURED. This makes sure that you are protected as the homeowner should anything go wrong. A licensed contractor will be more expensive than a general laborer but will save you thousands in accidentals if the job goes wrong and also shows you they know what they’re doing.


We cannot stress this enough, a good contractor is one that has all the credentials, but a GREAT contractor is one that meets all your requirements and you are comfortable enough to trust that they will get your project completed. Go with your gut feeling, and again, read step 1, do your research.